oh for god's sakes...

248th Oro // Video

Mou... [The image of Kenshin holding one very huge orange cat comes on the feed. Orenji looks mightily annoyed, just sort of hanging over Kenshin's right arm while being held to the man's chest, his tail whipping around.]

Misao-dono... Youk--shi-san... This unworthy one is in a slight bind at the moment... [Orenji lets out an angry sound, shifting a bit and trying to push on Kenshin's stomach with one paw, tail flicking about again...]


He will not make it into the shop today...


He doesn't believe Orenji will react very well... to a lot of people... [Mutters something about 'at least he isn't attached to burns this time' and cuts the feed.]

247th Oro

[This is something that likely hasn't happened in a long, long time...]

[Kenshin is having a good dream. Calm, peaceful--simply sitting on the landing of the Kamiya dojo watching Kaoru train Yahiko.]

[No blood. No snow. Nothing but calm.]

[It's a long awaited and long needed change.]

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245th Oro // Video

[The feed comes on, showing Kenshin from the side in his living room on a couch with his giant orange cat sprawled across his lap. His right arm is still in the sling and he's awkwardly switched it on with his left--the device likely sitting on the arm of he couch.]

[He looks a bit down--big surprise.]

This unworthy one has been in this apartment almost his entire time in this City... [scratches Orenji under the chin--the cat looks pleased at least.]

He thinks... he is ready to move... but... [Moves the slung arm a bit.] he isn't entirely capable of doing it himself this time...


Would anyone be willing to help him?


This unworthy one... would like to be elsewhere by the 19th...

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why does everyone say that !?!?! COLOR

244th Oro // Accidental Video // Action

[The feed comes on--the device clearly on the ground, picking up a familiar face. Kenshin is standing a few feet away with his right arm in a sling and bandages visible around both hands and going up his arms under his kimono. His eyes are closed and he was speaking before the feed even came on--and probably hasn't noticed anything has happened yet.]

--ame as Kaoru-dono. "Thank you." That, and "Sorry..."

And "Goodbye..."

[He shifts, turning toward the feed and starts to speak again, reaching out with his un-slung left hand with a soft smile.]

Shall we be going s--

[and right about then he takes note of his surroundings.]


[Blinks widely, taking a step back and glancing around dumbly.]


[It takes him a moment. A long moment, manages to turn all the way in a circle a couple of times--before stopping to plainly stare right at the carousel behind him, his back to the feed.]


[After a good minute of just staring he starts patting himself down, focusing on his sleeves and inner pockets of his kimono, then glances around until he spots the device, a mildly sour look on his face in comparison to calm expression from before. He leans down, picks up the devices, notes it's already recording of course, gives an exasperated sigh and speaks.]

How long was this unworthy one gone this time?

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lost in thought

243rd Oro

Once upon a time there was a family of farmers. A mother, a father and their three sons. One day the parents and the elder brothers fell ill and died, leaving the youngest son alone. The family's town took the boy in, but he heard it repeated often that they couldn't keep him in that time of famine--he even heard it suggested that his family's death was somehow his fault. "Possessed by a fox," it was said because of the color of his hair. So it was no surprise that the boy was quickly sold to a passing slave caravan the moment the chance came up.

Collapse )

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242nd Oro


Oh no...

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bloody tears

241st Oro//Accidental Voice-->Video

What... what is... [lets out a small curse] not again...

[Lets out a small... slightly crazy sounding laugh. Seems a bit fitting considering the last curse he was affected by.]

[There's movement--and if you're paying attention... that sounds like wet cloth...]

[There is some shuffling and a loud bump--that jars the device into video mode.]

[And whatever he had been wearing--it appears it was likely a white sleeping robe--it, and every inch of skin was dyed red and dripping with what could only be blood. His hair was caked with it... and where he moved or touched a small trail was left...]

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shadow, demon of kyoto

240th Oro//Voice

[There is a low rumbling growl that shifts into heavy breathing for a moment.]

[Something shifts--and it sounds as if its shifting through something, likely broken glass... or... ceramic...]

Kaoru-dono... stay inside... don't leave the apartment... [he growls again.] Youko-san, Misao-dono... stay away from the shop...


This unworthy one... is affected by... something... he... I... don't trust myself... I'll stay stay here... until it's over...

[He growls and shifts again--and that is definitely broken... something...]

[After a few more seconds the feed is cut.]

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239th oro//accidental video

[Feed kicks on to show Kenshin leaning up against a tree... somewhere... (Is he in the park? In one of the forests? Hope you know, because he sure as hell doesn't...) His sword is resting against his shoulder and he is just... staring off into space.]

[God this looks familiar... Didn't he just get over doing this...?]

[Except... there's a different quality to that empty look this time... It's... really honestly blank. There's no sign of sorrow this time. He's just... there.]

[And yes, that is a bird that just landed on the hilt of his sword, chirping about for a moment before flying off again.]


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